“Completing the jigsaw: we are bespoke, and unique”


What we do

Scamp Solutions provides full production support; from concept to delivery, and at any stage in-between. We are flexible problem solvers and enablers and here to bridge gaps and deliver solutions.




We can help you find solutions to a creative brief and generate ideas, turning that first seed into something more concrete on which to build.




We can help you prepare for your, filmed event, shoot, promotional video or project by providing scheduling, budgeting and planning assistance. We have experience of providing all pre-production paperwork and help crewing for a production, casting and recruiting.




We provide full production support services and this includes on-set management as producers, production managers and line producers. We have a wide range of production experience from advertorials to feature films.




In addition to supporting pre-production and production we can also help deliver your project by managing the post-production process; ensuring deadlines are met, budgets upheld and standards retained. We are also experts at post production delivery paperwork for all networks.




We provide full financial and business support for specific projects but also for agencies, production companies and independent producers and creatives. We want to help you have successful events and campaigns but also develop and grow as a company.

   Copyright 2017

   Copyright 2017